Cellulite: advanced thermal neurocosmetics with Phytothermæ Plus

Today we want to focus our attention on the blemish that, par excellence, is the first enemy of our clients: CELLULITE

Let’s do a quick review on the 4 stages of cellulite:

The 4 stages of cellulite

Edematous cellulitis

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This stage occurs when the surface of the epidermis appears normal but in the subcutaneous tissue stasis has begun at the level of the capillaries, with increased tissue permeability and initial dissociation of adipocytes. The skin becomes more doughy and cool to the touch; compressing or stiffening the muscle, the characteristic “orange peel” marks appear.

Fibrous cellulitis

What kind of cellulite do you have

The skin shows characteristic signs of “orange peel,” with more or less obvious depressions. The skin is not uniform in color, may show slight discolorations. It is characterized as the initial stage of orange peel where stagnation of interstitial fluids can be detected. In this second stage, adipocytes begin to enlarge and compress blood vessels, impairing water-salt exchange between cells and facilitating edema formation. The skin is slightly orange peel, in some areas these blemishes begin to be more prominent with depressions.

Soft sclerotic cellulitis

The 4 stages of cellulitis: from congestive to sclerotic | Prof. Antonino di Pietro

The affected part is soft and toneless; there are many depressions and “orange peel” is definitely evident, even without compression. Bruising, signs of the circulatory defect, may appear. When we reach the fibrous stage of cellulite, small nodules form that come in contact with collagen, hardening and causing a slowing of oxygenation between tissues and consequently the exchange between cells.

Sclerotic cellulitis

Diet, workout, anti cellulite supplements? Yes, but there is much more! - Oukside

This stage translates as the complication of the fibrous stage. This stage is usually considered irreversible. The skin appears “mattress-like.” The collagen fibers are thickened and the nodules are bulky and obvious and also affect nerve endings causing sensitivity and pain to touch. Skin dimples are created that reach into the dermis. Sclerotic cellulitis presents very obvious orange peel with visible nodules and irregular skin tissue with the presence of some skin spots. With the consultation of a specialist, it may also be possible to intervene in sclerotic cellulite, but treatment must be constant and close, and the results will not be miraculous.

The solution? PHYTOTHERMAE plus

The PHYTOTHERMAE plus line is designed for women who are fighting their battle against cellulite and want to do so in a healthy, natural, and decisive way.

Marzia Clinic Laboratories have developed a new formulation that combines skincare and neuroscience: PHYTOTHERMAE plus products have a unique efficacy that takes full advantage of active botanical ingredients not only locally but also centrally.

It is from the study of the inseparable relationship between the skin and the nervous system that Marzia Clinic has given birth to neurocosmetics: a new dimension of skin care that sharpens its weapons and harnesses the benefits of neurocosmetics in the fight to the last cream against body blemishes.

Along with neurocosmetics, Phytothermae Plus products also consist of a futuristic delivery system, Drone Technology, which is critical to maximizing the results and effectiveness of the products.

Just like a drone, it encapsulates a very potent lipolytic principle- Coccoloba Uvifera extract- locates its target, the adipocyte, and once it reaches it, releases it directly into it.

Salt Scrub with Microalgae, DermoBio Molecular Reset Mask with Phytoplankton and Chondrus Crispus Algae, and Neurocosmetic Mud with Drone Technology are the 3 allied beauty products. 3 pampering, 3 unique moments to devote to your own well-being.

Alongside daily beauty moments, the skilled hands of the esthetician cannot be missed thanks to professional products, created by combining natural elements and neurocosmetic technology, to ensure well-being and lasting results against the skin imperfections of cellulite.

Discover the RESET treatment and win your battle with us!

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