“Il Savoiardo” Restaurant

Gourmet cuisine for your delectation

Our restaurant, called “Il Savoiardo“, offers an extensive array of delicious dishes. The synergy between Italian and international cuisine will allow you to savour not only the authentic local dishes but also the flavours of other parts of the world, with great care taken at all times over the freshness of the ingredients, to ensure that every dish encapsulates a winning combination of “taste and wellbeing”.

Hot and cold appetizers, salads and grilled/steamed vegetables at lunch and dinner, your choice of first and main courses, followed by sweets and fresh fruit.

And in the finest Italian culinary tradition, we also offers a small “bread boutique” with different types of bread, breadsticks and focaccia.

Every day, il Savoiardo restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from: one typical local dish, one vegetarian, one wellness special, one Mediterranean and one gluten-free.


Traditional flavours combined with a taste for innovation

  • Our “Il Savoiardo” restaurant opens for lunch at 12.30pm; last entry is by 1.30pm, and service finishes at 2.15-2.30pm.
  • The full-board package starts with your dinner on the day of your arrival and comes to an end with your lunch on your departure day. Any requests for changes should be made no later than the day before your scheduled arrival day.
  • In the evening, dinner begins at 7.30pm, last entry is by 8.30pm, and service finishes at 9.15-9.30pm.
  • For men only: long trousers are recommended to enter the restaurant. In the summer, shorts (up to the knee) are permitted. The following are not permitted: short sports shorts, swimsuit, slippers, flip flops, tank top).
  • Every day, we offer a wide range of dishes for you to choose from: one typical local dish, one vegetarian, one wellness special, one Mediterranean and one gluten-free.

The daily menu at
“Il Savoiardo” Restaurant

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The gourmet cuisine served at our “Il Savoiardo” restaurant is inspired by the finest Italian tradition. It is a menu rich in exquisite dishes that have what it takes to amaze even the most refined of palates.

Given that good health depends, amongst other factors, on eating well, we offer our guests the opportunity to select, for every course, from the following options: one typical local dish, one vegetarian, one wellness special, one Mediterranean and on gluten-free.


To complete your culinary experience, a glass of fine wine gives that extra touch of class.

A rich variety of quality wines

Our Sommelier will recommend the best pairing for your food, selecting from 100 wines produced by 50 different wineries based in the main Italian winemaking regions, with a special focus on the area of the Euganean Hills (Colli Euganei).

The use of a digital wine list is now well-established. Access our App to see our win selection for yourself.
White, red and rosé wines from all over Italy – the choice is yours .


A menu that’s perfect even for those with food allergies and intolerances

Using highest-quality ingredienti with no preservatives or additives, the cuisine at our “Il Savoiardo” restaurant encompasses gluten-free dishes and dishes for coeliac sufferers, with a special focus on any other specific intolerances and/or allergies.