Green Energy

"Green" is always more beautiful

If you are thinking, “Why choose one hotel over another?” certainly key aspects are convenience, position (close to downtown), hospitality availability of a good restaurant, SPA…

… but what if another criteria for your choice was, “Let it be environmentally friendly!

“Green” is always better, even with a suitcase in hand. An eco-friendly vacation prefers an environmentally friendly type of travel, starting with the choice of facilities where you stay.

That’s why we promote
our green choice

We heat ourselves with geothermal energy, in our case thermal water donates heat (domestic water and heating) through heat exchangers.

We refresh our spaces with facilities that use clean electricity.

We cook with CO2 free natural gas.

The energy of nature

In 2022, we saved 253.2167 tons of CO2

All the energy we offer to our Customers comes from renewable sources: “100% clean energy Dolomiti Energia” is all Italian energy with origin tracked and guaranteed by the Energy Services Manager through GO titles (Guarantees of Origin).

The production of “green” electricity

The Guarantee of Origin (GO) is an electronic certification attesting to the renewable origin of electricity produced by plants qualified as renewable by the GSE. Clean energy that does not emit CO2, for sustainable production.

Green power generation comes from hydropower plants, engine-driven or combined-cycle turbogas cogeneration plants, and photovoltaic plants.

Electric car charging station

Hotel Savoia Thermæ & SPA is equipped with 2 charging stations with “Type 2 anti-vandal shuttersocket with a maximum power of 22 Kw.

To recharge your electric car, you can park in the designated green spaces and turn to the Front Desk to start (€20.00 per recharge).

When charging is complete (steady blue light) you can move your car: it is charged!

We limit the environmental impact

  • We are renovating our rooms by choosing furniture and finishes with certificates of eco-sustainability.
  • We choose energy-efficient lighting.
  • We offer linen/towel change service only upon request.
  • We use cleaning products certified for ecological quality.
  • We have improved the insulation of our Hotel by resorting to external insulation and gradually replacing the window and door frames with new generation ones with high performance in thermal shock resistance.

Sustainable even in the kitchen

We have always preferred to include local, real, seasonal ingredients on our menus. They are the secret to the flavors you will find at the table.

We strive every day to reduce food waste by evaluating preparations according to the turnout of guests.

Finally, we pay daily attention to proper waste management and recycling collection.