Green Energy

"Green" is always the way to go

If you’re thinking to yourself: “Why should I choose one hotel over another?”. Well, crucial aspects is making that choice certainly include the location (near the centre of town), the sense of hospitality, the quality of the food and drink, the availability of a spa…

… perhaps another reason for choosing one hotel rather than another could be: “because it’s eco-friendly!

“Green” is always better, even when you’re on holiday. Taking an environmentally friendly holiday involves making eco-friendly travel choices, starting with the choice of the hotel where you plan to stay.

That’s why, on this page,
we want to flag up our green credentials, which are as follows:

We heat the hotel using geothermal energy, meaning that the spa water generates heat (for water and heating) through heat exchangers.

We cool the indoor areas through systems that use clean electric energy.

We cook with CO2-free natural gas.

The energy of nature

In 2022, we saved 253.2167 tonnes of CO2!

The energy we provide to our customers comes from renewable sources: “100% Dolomiti Energia clean energy” is Italian energy from traceable sources guaranteed by the Energy Services Manager through GO (Guarantees of Origin) certificates.

The production of “green” electricity

The Guarantee of Origin (GO) is a form of electronic certification that certifies the renewable origin of the electricity generated by plants certified as renewable by the GSE. This is clean energy that does not emit CO2, allowing for sustainable production.

Green energy comes from hydroelectric power plants, gas-turbine cogeneration plants or combined cycle gas-turbine and photovoltaic systems.