Physical Therapy and Hydrokinesis

Thermal rehabilitation treatments in Abano Terme

The Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa is a spa centre located in the heart of Abano and specialising in rehabilitation therapy. It is a place in which to discern the real meaning of wellbeing.

We offer a confortable, welcoming environment where you can put your trust in a team of professionals who will offer you the best route to recovery on the basis of your specific needs.

Various rehabilitative therapies and motor re-education/recovery programmes are carried out both in booths and in thermal water, geared towards enhancing articular function, strengthening muscles and rehabilitating tenders, ligaments, muscles and joints.

A wide range of rehabilitation treatments


Thermal hydrokinesiotherapy, commonly known as water rehabilitation therapy, is a treatment recommended for the relief of pain and muscle tightness, as well as for strengthening muscles and regaining voluntary movement.

The thermal swimming pool, where the cycles of water rehabilitation therapy are carried out, enables therapeutic movement in water comfortably and safely, avoiding excess pressure on the joints and facilitating a more rapid recovery of strength and muscle function.

For which conditions is hydrokinesiotherapy recommended?

  • Osteoarticular ailments: back pain – osteoarthritis – osteoporosis
  • Neuromotor conditions: paresis – demyelinating diseases – Parkinson’s disease
  • Circulation problems: venous insufficiency of the lower limbs
  • Orthopaedic ailments: post-trauma and post-surgery


Kinesiotherapy (also known as physiokinesiotherapy) is a therapeutic treatment used in the field of physiotherapy for the recovery of joint function and the strengthening of muscles following fractures, trauma or surgical operations.

Our rehabilitation therapists will be your travelling companions. This team of highly specialised professionals, who are experts in the main techniques of kinesiotherapy and massotherapy techniques associated with medical rehabilitation.

For which conditions is kinesiotherapy recommended?

  • Back pain or lumbago
  • Whiplash
  • Bone fractures
  • Joint inflammations
  • Postural defects
  • Muscle trauma
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Rehabilitation following surgery

Global Thermalism®

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At the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa, the extraordinary benefits of thermal treatments are combined with the most modern treatments tried and tested in spas around the world, for a custom spa offering the has preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits.

Global Thermalism® is a blend of THERMÆ and SPA in which the health and wellness needs of our guests become a priority. This form of thermal medicine is designed to ensure the accurate treatment of conditions and to contribute to their effective prevention.


Thermal treatments at the Hotel Savoia Termae & Spa

Thermal mud therapy

The benefits of the aged mud of Abano Teme have been recognised since antiquity. Rich in therapeutic potential, this special mud infuses those who use it with a sense of wellbeing, alleviating and treating a plethora of rheumatic and arthritic conditions.


Natural pain relief

In the acute and chronic inflammatory phase, pain-relieving therapies such as acupuncture and trigger-point therapy offer highly effective pain relief.


Thermal inhalation therapy

The inhalation therapies available in Abano Terme are a useful ally in treating conditions of the airways and in the prevention of infections of the airways.