Thermal Treatments without Overnight Stay

At our spa centre, you can undergo a cycle of thermal treatments without having to stay overnight in the hotel

The Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa has signed partnership agreements with the Italian National Healthcare system. At our spa centre, you can make the most of all the benefits of our thermal treatments, even without staying overnight at the hotel.

We offer the opportunity to undergo therapy cycles under the Italian NHS every day of the week, from monday to saturday.

Mud bath therapy

  • 1 medical consultation
  • 12 applications of aged D.O.C. mud
  • 12 baths in thermal with ozone

Inhalation therapy

  • 1 medical consultation
  • 12 inhalations
  • 12 aerosol with thermal water
  • 12 nasal sprays with thermal water

To book your treatments without overnight stay, write to us at or call us on +39 049 823 11 11


Thermal treatments can be carried out from Monday to Saturday for 2 consecutive weeks or in 2 separate weeks from Monday to Saturday within 60 days given by the S.S.N.;

The treatment time must always remain the same in the morning;

The dates of booked treatments cannot be changed, except in the case of illness, with a medical certificate;

Staff, both for mud therapy and massage therapy, can be requested but not guaranteed;

On the 1st day, give a copy of your identity document and health card + original red prescription to the Reception;

Immediate payment of the Ticket + 12 ozones (mandatory) and any additional services booked is required.

The advantages of savouring thermal treatments without overnight stay in the hotel

  • Coded locker and changing room available;
  • Bathrobe for care (change on request for a fee of €3.00);
  • Pool entrance for 3 hours at a discounted price of €15.00.

Health Director
Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud

At the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa, before accessing the thermal treatments, you must have a consultation with Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud, our thermal medicine specialist who is constantly on-site.


Other treatments available in our Medical Spa

  • Physiokinesiotherapy
  • Hydrokinesiotherapy
  • Massotherapy
  • Motor and posture rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture
  • Trigger-point therapy

A Day at the Abano Terme Spa Resort

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Rediscover the pleasure of taking care of your body and your mind, giving yourself the gift of unforgettable moments of pure wellbeing and deep relaxation.

At the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa, the extraordinary benefits of thermal treatments are combined with the most modern treatments from spas across the world for a customised thermal offering that serves preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes.


Give yourself the gift of an unforgettable experience

Non hai mai provato la fangoterapia?

Concediti qualche ora di sano relax e scopri il pacchetto PROVA LA FANGOTERAPIA GLOBALE® a soli € 60,00!

  • 1 consulto medico GRATUITO
  • 1 applicazione di fango e doccia termale
  • 1 bagno termale con ozonoterapia
  • 1 massaggio terapeutico (26 min.)

Potrai in questo modo decidere se la cura termale fa per te e procedere alla richiesta dell’impegnativa ASL al tuo medico di base.


Trattamenti termali all’Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa

Thermal mud therapy

The benefits of the aged mud of Abano Teme have been known since antiquity. Rich in therapeutic potential, it infuses those who use it with a sense of wellbeing, alleviating and treating a plethora of rheumatic and arthritic conditions.


Rehabilitation therapy in thermal water

The thermal rehabilitation service at the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa offers medical support and the finest rehabilitative practices for effective and efficient treatment.


Inhalation therapy

The inhalation therapies make the most of the properties of thermal water, and are particularly effective in the treatment of the airways.