Mud baths and thermal baths

200 years of experience have gone into the treatment of bone and joint conditions with thermal water and mud

The Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health as a “Superior Level 1” thermal facility.

The uniqueness, precious therapeutic properties of the thermal mud of the Hotel Savoia are guaranteed by a European Patent confirming their excellence.

The beneficial effects of Abano Terme’s “aged mud” are strictly linked to its process of maturation in thermal water.

During this process, which lasts 50-60 days, the mud is enriched by those active principles with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that have been known since antiquity.
The ageing of the mud is monitored by the Permanent Thermal Observatory at the University of Padua, which certifies the quality and uniqueness of the mud, recognising its effectiveness in the reduction of pain and inflammation, particularly in relation to bone and joint (osteoarticular) disorders, making is equivalent to a “natural medicine”.

The phases of Global Mud Therapy®


Application of the thermal mud

Having been welcomed by our therapists, you undergo the application of the aged mud, which is also known as bio-thermal clay, directly onto your skin, at a temperature of between 37°C and 42°C for a period of between 15 and 20 minutes.
At the end of the application, the mud is removed by means of a revitalising thermal shower.

Our health director and the thermal wellness staff are always on hand to recommend the most suitable mud application for your needs, so as to made every mud-bath therapy ritual unique and customised.


Bathing in thermal water with or without ozone

You can then look forward to a bath in warm thermal water, into which you can immerse yourself and relax for around 10 minutes.

After the mud-therapy session, a thermal bath at a temperature of 36°-38°C stimulates muscle relaxation and reduces blood pressure for a myorelaxant, rejuvenating effect thanks to the precious minerals and oligominerals in the thermal water.

Moreover, the addition of ozone exercises a further vasodilatory action with stimulant effects on the circulation. It all adds up to a unique, unforgettable experience of intense wellbeing.


Sweat Reaction

It is advisable after the thermal bath to rest for at least another 15 minutes – this is known as the reaction time.

During the so-called “sweat reaction”, the body is purified of poisonous toxins, for a dextoxifying, regenerative effect.

In this phase, it is recommended that you drink a great deal of water to reinstate the right balance of water and mineral salts. You can also enjoy a herbal tea or infusion for a truly relaxing experience.


Personalised therapeutic massage

Last of all, for a deep state of wellbeing, we recommend a full-body therapeutic massage which relieves muscle stiffness and is regenerative and myorelaxant.

If you’re looking for an innovative experience, you can combine a mud-bath therapy session with alternative wellness treatments, such as for example shiatsu massage or Ayurvedic massage.

For those looking to enhance the therapeutic effect, we recommend physio-kinesiotherapy, exercises to improve posture or a personal trainer.

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At the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa, wellness knows no bounds.

To complement the session of mud-bath therapy or simply to enhance your stay, we offer a wide range of massages and treatments to give yourself the gift of moments of pure pleasure and deep relaxation.


Treatments provided through the Italian National Healthcare system

The Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa has a partner agreement with the Italian National Healthcare System, and as such once a year you can use access a cycle of thermal cures by submitting the referral from your doctor.

Give Global Mud Therapy® a try

€79per person

Give Global Mud Therapy® a try

This treatment is only for those have never experienced a mud bath therapy session! Gratis medical examination!
Immerse yourself in thermal wellness

    • 1 medical consultation;

    • 1 application of aged mud and a thermal shower;

    • 1 thermal bath with ozone therapy;

    • 1 therapeutic massage 25 mins.

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From€168per person

Global Mud Therapy® Programmes

Cycle from 2 to 12 treatments: application of mature mud, thermal bath with ozone therapy and massage
Regenerating treatments

    • Compulsory medical examination;

    • 2 – 12 applications of BIO-thermal clay and revitalising therapeutic thermal shower;

    • 2 – 12 revitalising therapeutic thermal baths with pain-relieving ozone therapy;

    • 2 – 12 regenerating therapeutic full-body massages 25 mins;

    • in the room: soft bathrobe, towel for the swimming pools and flip-flops.

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55€per person

BIO-thermal clay

Get the benefits of bio-thermal clay
Embrace well-being

    • 1 medical consultation;

    • 1 application of BIO-thermal clay and thermal shower;

    • 1 thermal bath with ozone therapy;

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