Thermal spa treatments

The search for wellbeing at the Abano Terme spa resort

The thermal treatments at Abano Terme – and, specifically, the application of the thermal waters and thermal mud to boost wellbeing – have been recognised since antiquity and research has been carried out into them all over the world.

The clear benefits of thermal waters are appreciated not only by those who engage with them for health reasons, with a view to treating a range of conditions, but also – an to an increasing extent – even by those who want to give themselves the gift of some serious rest and relaxation.

The Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa is recognised as a highly effective diagnostic and therapeutic centre within the Italian national healthcare system.

Following an initial consultation and based on your individual requirements and the objectives you wish to achieve, our health director will define the most appropriate treatment for you and will then constantly monitor your progress.

The benefits of the thermal waters of Abano Terme

Say goodbye to aches and pains in our new thermal spa centre. Whether you suffer from chronic osteo-articular or rheumatic pain or you need to undergo post-operative rehabilitation or to recover from muscolo-skeletal trauma, or even if you are simply taking a far-sighted approach and consider prevention to be the best gift you can give yourself, our Thermal Centre is your Source of Health.

It is no accident that we use the word “source”: the Spa Centre at Hotel Savoia has its own spring from which we extract the precious hyperthermal water rich in salts, bromine and iodine. Loaded with minerals, its gushes out at a temperature of around 80°C. Full immersion in our spa water allows you to relax both your muscles and your mind like never before.

The hot springs of the Euganean Hills

The thermal spa treatments at the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa

Thermal mud treatments

The benefits of Abano Terme’s aged mud have been appreciated for centurites. Rich in therapeutic potential, it infuses those who use it with a sense of wellbeing, soothing and treating numerous rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

Regenerating treatments

Rejuvenating spa water treatments

The thermal treatment service available at the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa offers medical support in line with the finest treatment practices to provide effective and efficient treatment.

Healing movements

Inhalation treatments with thermal water

Thermal treatments with inhalation therapies make the most of the beneficial properties of the thermal waters, and are particularly effective in the treatment of the airway.

Breathe wellbeing

Pain relief treatment

In case of acute and chronic inflamation, pain-relief treatments such as acupuncture and trigger-point therapy deliver great benefits in alleviating pain.

Therapeutic relief

Global Thermal Treatments

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At the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa, the extraordinary beneficial effects of thermal treatments are combined with the most modern spa treatments from around the world to create a customised thermal treatment offering that serves preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes.

Termalismo Globale® (the name we give to our global thermal treatments) is a blend of THERMÆ and SPA in which the health and wellbeing requirements of our guests become a priority for us. These heat-based medicinal treatments have been designed to pinpoint the problematic areas in order to treat conditions effectively and contribute to their effective prevention.


Treatments provided on the basis of agreements with the Italian national healthcare service

The agreements signed by the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa and the Italian national health service make it possible for those requiring a targeted cycle of therapy to access appropriate thermal treatments.

Heat treatments such as mud bath therapy and inhalation therapy, used for the global protection of health during the phases of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions must be prescribed by the attending doctor.

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€79per person

Give Global Mud Therapy® a try

This treatment is only for those have never experienced a mud bath therapy session! Gratis medical examination!
Immerse yourself in thermal wellness

    • 1 medical consultation;

    • 1 application of aged mud and a thermal shower;

    • 1 thermal bath with ozone therapy;

    • 1 therapeutic massage 25 mins.

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From€168per person

Global Mud Therapy® Programmes

Cycle from 2 to 12 treatments: application of mature mud, thermal bath with ozone therapy and massage
Regenerating treatments

    • Compulsory medical examination;

    • 2 – 12 applications of BIO-thermal clay and revitalising therapeutic thermal shower;

    • 2 – 12 revitalising therapeutic thermal baths with pain-relieving ozone therapy;

    • 2 – 12 regenerating therapeutic full-body massages 25 mins;

    • in the room: soft bathrobe, towel for the swimming pools and flip-flops.

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55€per person

BIO-thermal clay

Get the benefits of bio-thermal clay
Embrace well-being

    • 1 medical consultation;

    • 1 application of BIO-thermal clay and thermal shower;

    • 1 thermal bath with ozone therapy;

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