Massages and Wellness

All of wellness of the world on our Beauty Farm

At the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa, you can give yourself the holiday you’ve always dreamed of.

Surrounded by a welcoming, sophisticated atmosphere, the wide range of massages and wellness treatments will allow you to enjoy an experience of pure relaxation and intense wellbeing.

At the Beauty Farm on our spa resort, there is plenty of space set aside for western therapeutic and physiotherapy massages, as well as treatments that come from far-off traditions and are geared towards psychophysical wellbeing and resetting the body’s energy balance.

Our team of highly qualified experts will help you discover the numerous paths to wellness offered by our Beauty Farm: therapeutic massages, wellbeing from the World, energy rebalancing treatments and Ayurveda.


Body and mind wellness treatments

  • Exfoliating massages
  • Massages & aromatherapy
  • Beauty & wellness massages
  • Ayurveda
  • Wellbeing from the World
  • Salt room
  • Wellness routes
  • Rituals for couples

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Our Wellness & Beauty treatments

At the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & Spa, the extraordinary benefits of thermal treatmens are blended with the most modern treatments developed in spas right around the world with a view to offering a customised thermal-treatment package that can be at once preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative.

Rediscover the pleasure of taking care of your body and mind by giving yourself the gift of unforgettable moments of pure wellbeing and deep relaxation.


Couples’ spa experience: magical moments to enjoy together

You have found your refuge of romance and wellbeing.

An intimate space reserved for couples who want to savour precious moments together.

We will transform your stay into a moment shared deeply together, respecting your privacy, fulfilling your desire for relaxation and wellbeing, as you take control of your unforgettable holiday.


Massages from around the world

For lovers of Ayurveda, the “science for life”, we offer various destress, detox and rebalancing treatments. We invite you to take advantage of our Ayurveda Pathways, designed for specific objectives and customised depending on the dominant dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

Heading even further east, we discover Shiatsu and foot reflexology. And since the world is round, if we carry on travelling we end up “discovering the Americas”: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui, Californian massage and stone therapy.

You are free to chose the massage or treatment that attracts you the most – we’ll then do everything we can to make you feel great!


Choose an unforgettable experience with us