Chocolate that is good for your health!

A cube a day keeps the doctor away….

Well yes, we like to think that chocolate can also be good for health!

Just don’t overdo it! The important thing is to choose the right one that is made with at least 50-70% cocoa.

Chocolate stimulates endorphin production, is a powerful stress reliever and aphrodisiac, and is good for the heart and circulation.

That may be why as early as 6,000 years ago the Mayan peoples were the first to cultivate the cocoa plant.

The craving for chocolate has contaminated our Beauty Farm, which has developed a massage performed with pure chocolate: milk, dark or white?

You have the choice and our therapists have the honor of spreading!
Alone, as a couple, or for the little ones: to each his or her own gluttonous SPA moment.

And for those who want to add cream to chocolate, we have developed the Sweet Cream Massage, a special ritual with whipped cream massage butter!

But it doesn’t end there–at the end of each treatment a mouthwatering surprise will satisfy your senses and be a treat for the palate!


On Easter Monday, after the traditional banquet, CHOCOLATE YOU: wide selection of chocolates, sweets and cocoa treats.

We are waiting for you!

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