From the Arquà Petrarca oil mill to the Savoia’s “Club” lounge: olive oil at Km 0

From the Oil Mill in Arquà Petrarca to the “Club” lounge at the Savoy:

the olive oil at Km 0

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, and for all the second Thursdays of the month, Frantoio Evo del Borgo in Arquà Petrarca will stimulate the sense of smell and taste withextra virgin olive oil from the Euganean Hills.

Directly in the “Club” lounge of Hotel Savoia Thermæ & SPA, our guests will be able to taste various excellent and absolute quality olive oils from one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The Evo del Borgo oil mill company was founded in 2011, but the tradition of this work and knowledge has been handed down for 3 generations. Today, young siblings Roberto and Silvia Callegaro raise and oversee their own olive groves that employ more than 6750 trees for an annual production of between 8200 and 10000 liters of olive oil. To learn more, we invite you to browse

A number of peculiarities make their products unique: the soil, the olives, the harvesting and processing methods.

Three fine selections will be offered during the tasting:


the special feature is that this oil is made from olives harvested on full moon nights!


to meet the needs of all lovers of certified products obtained in respect of our land.

  • “EVO”

For lovers of balanced oil with a slightly bitter and spicy flavor!

But olive oil can also be good for the SKIN

Olive oil is a certainty. It is no coincidence that, for ancient peoples, the olive tree was a symbol of immortality. In addition to having an anti-aging action, olive oil is emollient and soothing. Regularly using olive oil products will result in firmer and more elastic skin.

During the tasting you will be able to “taste” different products: from face cream to body cream, from liquid soap to bubble bath, from hand cream to a special protective ointment. You can then find these products available in our Beauty Farm!

If we have intrigued you, we look forward to seeing you on Thursday and leave you with this quote from the great poet

Francis Petrarch

“Vast forests of chestnut, walnut, beech, ash, and oak trees covered the slopes of Arquà, but it was mainly the grapevine, olive tree, and almond tree that contributed to the picturesque and typical Arquatense landscape.”.

Here is our proposal for “Palm Sunday”!

    Stay and package with olive oil relaxation massage
    from € 115.00 per person in half board