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Green Energy

"Green" is always better

If you are thinking: "why should I choose one hotel over another?" Fundamental aspects are certainly the location (near the centre), hospitality and a good restaurant, the SPA ...

... and if another criterion for the choice were: "that it is ecological!"?

"Green" is always better, even with a suitcase in hand. An environmentally friendly holiday prefers an environmentally friendly type of travel, starting with the choice of the hotels in which you are staying.

In 2020 we have saved 159,9610 tonns of CO2!
That's why on this page we promote our green choice, that is:

  •   we heat up with geothermal energy, in that case the thermal water gives heat (water and heating) through heat exchangers
  •   we refresh the internal with plants that use clean electric energy
  •   we cook with CO2 free natural gas



Green energy generation derives from hydroelectric power plants, cogeneration plants with engine or combined cycle turbogas and photovoltaic systems.