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Say goodbye to pain in our SPA

2,000 years of experience in the treatment of osteo-articular illnesses, naturally, thanks to thermal mud and thermal water.

Cristina replies

"At what age to start mudbath ?
Before the pain becomes a life partner.
The study, use and abuse of the computer and white collar work are in fact so damaging our osteo-articular system as a heavy work and sports activity, due to the wrong posture we assume and muscular and nervous over-excitation of the upper limbs.
We therefore recommend this natural therapy without side effects since 30/35 years."

The FANGOTERAPIA GLOBALE® (Global Mud Therapy) consists of 4 basic passages:


Mud application

The mud (BIO-thermal clay) is applied directly to the skin at a temperature between 37-42ºC for a period of 15-20 minutes. At the end of the mud application, it is removed through a thermal shower.
It is scientifically proven that mud therapy favours the remineralisation of bone tissue and the rebalancing of bone tissue metabolism, intervening both on local and systemic mechanisms. If combined with physical exercise, mud bath therapy allows the conservation of the correct mineral density, inducing an anabolic effect. Research results have shown that this type of treatment produces an increase in bone mass comparable to that achieved with pharmacotherapy, but that combined action, maximises the results.

Bath in thermal water

The next step is immersion in a thermal bathtub for 8/10 minutes at a temperature of around 36-38ºC, it is essential after mud application in order to induce muscular relaxation from thermal waters (the addition of ozone exercises a further vasodilator action with a stimulating effect on blood circulation).
The water of our spring is hyperthermal. The balneotherapy naturally favors a physiological drainage of excess fluids through the stimulation of the venous and lymphatic circulation. The application of mud combined with balneotherapy stimulates the emptying of the muscular tension typical of stressful situations, favoring the natural psycho-physical relaxation.

Sweat reaction

After the thermal baths, it is advisable to go to your room and stay in bed and well covered for the duration of the sweat reaction, which varies in length and intensity from person to person.
Sweating is good because it cleanses the body of harmful toxins and increases cell turnover for a cleaner and more regenerated body. During this phase many mineral salts are expelled, so it is very important to drink a lot of water to restore its balance.

Regenerating therapeutic massage

Lastly, in the calm of specially appointed rooms, there is a re-activating massage that aims to stimulate muscle and nerve activity, thereby completing the mud therapy protocol.
The answer to the search for eternal youth derives from the procedure just described. Thanks to the DOC global mud therapy, there is a remarkable recovery of connective elasticity, a detoxification at the cutaneous level and a tissue firming from which derives its important role in the prevention of premature aging.

Hotel Savoia Thermæ & SPA is part of a network that supervises the maturation process and quality of thermal mud at the University of Padua – Veneto Region - O.T.P. - Osservatorio Termale Permanente (Permanent Thermal Observatory), and employs medical personnel and specialized paramedics for the application of mud (Bio Thermal Clay).

European Patent

To protect the originality of our thermal mud, Italian researchers have registered a national patent n° MI2004A000011 “Principi attivi antinfiammatori nei fanghi termali euganei” and an international patent (UE) n° 05100038.8 “Anti-Inflammatory active principles in Euganean Thermal Mud”. Bio Thermal Clay is, in fact, a natural patented “medicine” with no comparison in the world both because of the properties that distinguish it and because of the beneficial effects it has on the human body.

Bio thermal clay

Recent studies have shown the equal efficacy in the reduction of inflammation by mature mud based therapy and NSAID based pharmacological therapies, but without side effects harmful to the gastrointestinal tract.

This treatment is only for those have never experienced a mud bath therapy session! Gratis medical examination!

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Cycle from 2 to 12 treatments: application of mature mud, thermal bath with ozone therapy and massage

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We have developed a specific path to solve and prevent the most common back problems with the help of mud!

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