Oriental Wellness: with the Aromatest, the treatment becomes unique to you

Aromatherapy and color therapy are the pluses that make a massage unique and personalized.

Our Eastern treatments fromAyurveda to Shiatsu, just to name a few, are rituals that aim to treat the body and mind according to natural methods such as aromatherapy and color therapy.

Thanks to theAromatest performed at the beginning of treatment, we can stimulate ancient memories and understand at that precise moment what our primal need is. The practitioner will help you identify which VATA or PITTA or KAPHA path to choose.

But what are DOSHAs?

They are simply the three primary energies that of health and well-being, according to Ayurveda, are primarily responsible.

  • VATA synergy: relaxing, for those under stress who need a relaxing, decontracting massage
  • PITTA Synergy: draining, for those suffering from bloating and retention included in detoxification pathways.
  • KAPHA synergy: invigorating, for those who want energy and tone

Here is our proposal for an “Orientalvacation!

    To each DOSHA its path