Our Beauty Farm is a DIBI Milan center.

Our unique methods combine cutting-edge technologies and innovative products


  • for the face anti-aging and lifting effect thanks to the NUOVAPELLE technology, which combines laser and bipolar radiofrequency;
  • for face and body theELECTROPORATION to intensively convey active ingredients.

Transdermal veiculation of hyaluronic acid: like mesotherapy, without injections! A serum, a true beauty cocktail that maximizes the effects of the treatment, to which it adds anti-oxidant action, smoothes and revitalizes the skin, and stimulates collagen synthesis;

  • For face and body the RADIOFREQUENCY anti-aging, slimming, firming effect;
  • for the body: treatments for specific areas that combine the action of machines with expert manual skills to have draining and anti-cellulite effects, reducing for hips and waist, and toning for abdomen, buttocks and inner thighs.