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Masso-kinesiterapia rehabilitation, hydrokinesitherapy in thermal water

Re-educate the body to rebalance the person: we entrust you with expert hands

In our Thermal Center we give ample space to rehabilitation and recovery therapies. They are carried out both in the cabin and in thermal water. The common goal is to restore the use of the joints, to strengthen the muscles, to rehabilitate tendon, ligament, muscle and joint structures by increasing their tone. The session is always individual, because the rehabilitation process is dedicated to the situation and painful symptomatology of the Guest.

Hydro-kinesitherapy in particular allows a deeper therapeutic movement thanks to the temperature of the water itself, muscle relaxant, and to the exploitation of the principle of buoyancy, which avoids the overloading of the joints. Furthermore, the passive resistance to the movement opposed by the water allows a muscular workout.


The kinesiterapic treatment is indicated for the rehabilitation and recovery of the disabling outcomes of many pathologies. Ideal complement to classical SPA treatment is recommended to those who have undergone surgery or had fractures, so as to restore the use of joints, to strengthen the muscles, to rehabilitate tendon, ligament, muscle and joint structures by increasing the tone. In order to obtain the maximum recovery of the client's autonomy and greater adherence to the rehabilitation program, the Guest-kinesiologist relationship is of fundamental importance. The "rehabilitation therapists" are the "traveling companions" of our Guests: they follow the rehabilitation process, making the most of every residual ability of the person to bring it to the maximum of functionality and ability. We use the main and manual kinesitherapical and functional rehabilitation techniques, as well as the massotherapy methods belonging to the therapeutic baggage of Rehabilitation Medicine.


Hydrokinesitherapy is the medical discipline that aims to cure movement disorders through water. The thermal pool where rehabilitative therapies are carried out, allows therapeutic movement in the water in a comfortable and safe way without the need to know how to swim. The effects of therapy in the SPA environment combine those related to the action of water with those of physical exercise. The physical and chemical properties of thermal water have long been recognized as adjuvants and therapeutic, in the treatment of osteoarticular disorders (back pain - osteoarthritis - osteoporosis), neuromotors (paresis, demyelinating diseases, Parkinson's disease), circulators (venous insufficiencies of the lower limbs), orthopedic (post-trauma and post-orthopedic surgery), in the after-effects of breast surgery. The movement in water is also indicated for the maintenance of good physical shape and as a prevention against damage from sedentary lifestyle and aging.

The 34°-36°C temperature of the water plays a positive role on the whole human body for the muscles, joints and nervous system. Taking advantage of the buoyancy principle avoids overloading the joints, it relaxes the whole muscle-ligament apparatus, it favors a more rapid recovery of strength and functionality of the muscles and it moves more easily even in conditions of overweight. Moreover, the passive resistance to the movement opposite to the water generates a beneficial massage to the immersed body, offering relief from pain and muscle spasm. The energy of the water through the hydrostatic force allows the possibility of precociously and progressively loading on the lower limbs in the orthopedic pathologies also favoring the functionality of veins and arteries. On the psychological level: the descent into the pool is a fundamental moment to check your own possibilities. Movement in the water promotes the creation of a positive relationship with the surrounding environment, is a further stimulation to your intention to improve your state and facilitates a higher self-esteem and the search for a good quality of life.