Savoia Spritz: Happy Hour in Purple!

Any time is good for the Purple Spritz!

Aperitif? = SPRITZ and Aperol is the main ingredient.

Nowadays, however, there are so many variants, and when you order one, it is not so obvious that it is at Aperol…
At Campari, Cynar, China Martini, etc., and Savoy, there is something for everyone!

We propose:

  • Aperol Spritz
  • Campari Spritz
  • China Spritz
  • Cynar Spritz
  • Hugo Spritz
  • Patavium Spritz
  • Wrong Spritz

But as of today at the exclusive Savoia “Club” Bar there is a novelty: the“SAVOIA SPRITZ” created with prosecco, mint and… violet liqueur.

Discover the original taste of an alternative and unmistakable flavor of a spa stay!