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Global Mud Therapy

A combination of THERMÆ and SPA

At the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & SPA the concept of thermalism gains a new meaning! Thermalism here means a combination of THERMÆ and SPA where each individual can enjoy the exceptional benefits of thermal therapies combined with the most modern treatments, coming from SPAS all over the world, according to personalized programs. The thermal treatments, which, organized in perfect coordination with the SPA health methods, make the innovative experience of Global Thermalism, are based on elements naturally found in our thermal territory: BIO-thermal clay, bromidic iodic salt water, and microorganisms. The continual check-up of our guests by our primary doctor is essential. The doctor will prescribe every guest an individual protocol in perfect harmony with their personal needs and goals.

Say goodbye to pain in our SPA

Whether you suffer from chronic pains of the osteo-articular or rheumatic type, or that you have to undergo post-surgery or post-trauma musculoskeletal rehabilitation, or if you are farsighted people and you think that prevention is the best gesture of love towards yourself, our Thermal Center is your Source of Health.

It’s not a coincidence that we use the word Source: the Hotel Savoia's Thermal Center has its own water well from which the precious hyper-salt-bromo-iodine hyperthermal water is extracted. Highly mineral, gushes at a temperature of about 80 ° C. an immersion in our thermal waters guarantees muscular and mental relaxation at the same time.