Balneotherapy involves immersing the body in a tub containing warm thermal water enriched with ozone.

Water is an extraordinary element because it facilitates all activities of the body’s joints: movements are looser, muscles relax, and pain decreases.

In addition, the bubbles developed by ozone provide intense vasodilator action because they stimulate blood circulation.

Balneotherapy is performed in individual tubs with 36-38°C saline-bromine-jodic thermal water with 15-minute sessions for total cycles of 12 baths (1 per day) and, almost always follows the application of thermal mud.

Due to the pressure exerted by the water, the thermal bath is ideal for joints, pain syndromes and muscle atrophies and is very important therapy in rehabilitation programs after trauma, fractures and surgery.

In addition to this, the chemical composition of water promotes the resolution of chronic inflammatory processes and multiple types of dermatoses.