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Massage & wellness

All the Wellness of the world is enclosed in our Beauty Farm

At our Beauty Farm, we give ample space to therapeutic and physiotherapeutic massages of western tradition, but also to psychophysical wellbeing and re-balancing energy treatments, which bring to mind far off traditions, both in time and space.

Our team of expert and highly qualified personnel, under the constant supervision of our chief medical officer, will guide you through the numerous wellness philosophies expressed in our Beauty Farm: therapeutic massages, World Wellness, energy re-balancing treatments and Ayurveda.

Massages from all over the world

For Ayurveda lovers, the “science of Life”, we offer several stress reducing, detoxifying and rebalancing treatments. We invite you to make use of our Ayurveda Trails, suitably designed for specific objectives, personalised according to the dominant dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Ayurveda: balance "inside" to be beautiful outside.

Into our Beauty Farm we offer paths dedicated to the "Science of Life", psychophysical wellbeing treatments that, by restoring our internal energetic balance, show all their benefits also outwardly. Not only massage with essential oils according to the predominant Dosha, but also steam bath, scrub with powders of plants and spices, milk treatments, massage with warm pads, combined with other draining treatments, foot massage, treatments with sound bells. It is up to you to choose your Ayurveda path, which will help you to detoxify, de-stress and make you feel more beautiful.

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Couple SPA: magical moments, to live in two

Look no further for your romance and wellness hideaway.
We will transform your stay into a moment of pure sharing and understanding, respecting your privacy, granting your wishes for relaxation and wellness, becoming the architect of your unforgettable holiday.

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