Cristina Bettin talks about the Corona Virus

Coronavirus is currently the main topic of all conversations and is powerfully entering the daily lives of people in Europe and around the world.

There is an atmosphere of great concern. The symptoms of Coronavirus are very similar to a “normal” flu but, due to often not-so-accurate news reports fomenting panic and terror, everyone seems particularly afraid of a possible Coronavirus infection.

Cristina Bettin, deputy director of Hotel Savoia Thermae & SPA takes a position on the issue.

What is the atmosphere like at the Hotel Savoia Therma & SPA in Abano Terme?

The hotel is in turmoil! We are preparing for the grand reopening. The mood from phone calls from those who contact us is good. Most guests booked their vacations before the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe and do not want to give up their vacation.

Have there been any starlings?

Of course, there were people who preferred to cancel their vacation because they were afraid of the situation. However, we are fortunate enough to have 90% reservations from repeat guests who know our hotel, know Abano Terme, and assess the situation realistically and with common sense.

In recent days there have been many new bookings for March, but also for April. We have noticed that many guests prefer to book vacations in places closer to their homes, rather forgoing more distant destinations in these uncertain times.

Hotel Savoie Thermae & SPA will reopen on March 22, 2020.

Is normality back on the agenda?

Many of our dear incoming guests tell us that they are tired of hearing bad news that only generates great panic and terror. They simply want to spend relaxing days on vacation. In Abano Terme it is back to normal again!

The Bettin Family is in constant contact with guests, as are all the staff.

Being available for big and small concerns is especially important in times like these.